now ur tubez r shrtr!

You're probably here because you've seen someone tweet or post a link with this site's domain, and now you're curiously wondering what this site is and does. Fear not! is quite simply a private version of a URL shortener, not unlike,, and even The sole purpose of is to take rather long URLs and make them shorter, so that they can fit inside the limited character spaces of places like Twitter.

Your next thought might be something along the lines of "Great! How can I use this epicly awesome service?" Unfortunately, this is a limited, private service available only to a select handful of Internet Tube Assemblers at this time. While we'd love to invite more people to the party, running a URL shortener costs money, and it costs even more money to develop ways to weed out the riff-raff, and make sure there aren't some not-so-nice people using this type of service for spam, or worse, to trick people into clicking seemingly-innocent links that end up redirecting them to malicious sites. Once we manage to sort these issues out, we might do a public rollout, so don't be discouraged and watch this space. Thanks for visiting!